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Here we cover the basics on how to use the e-dey-inventory platform for your business. 

How can I make a physical sale?

To make a physical sale, go to sales mode. Select the items to the right, including the quantity then click pay.

On the checkout screen, select the payment method and include the amount paid by the customer. The customer... (More)

How can I make an online sale?

After a customer makes an order on your store, you will receive an email. You can view the details of the order when you click Online Orders

To view the details of the orders, click View

When the order is... (More)

How do I upload my products or services?

You can upload your products or services one-by-one or in bulk.

One-by-one: On the items page, click "Create new item"

Then fill in the required fields. If the item has a barcode, you can scan the barcode in order to... (More)